Ahad, 21 September 2008

1st Story

To My b.f.f....
love n live never enD.
all the happiness and sOrrow,alReady deeply in my heart..
aRRa,Keng, Lanna, Anty or MAma, n maeL(keng punye)....
all 5 of u reay deeply in my heart, n there are no words can describe
how special u all in my life..

just cntinue ur journey..
even we will not see each other for a long tyme, I will Missing u eVery seconds and minutes untill we meet gain. Be a strong gurl, never give up and trust urself.. Dont ever remember about the past, there's a lot of things that u need to deal in future.. hwever, i alwaz there 4 u dear. syg ko ara..lastly just wanna say sorry for all da bad n wrong things i did to you..iF i hurt u soo much, it is hurt me back thousand tyme more..thanx arra..
loVe you..

mael scandal.hehehe..
mY very2 comel shyg, there's a lot of changes happen around u rite nw. Learn hw 2 deal and dnt ever give up in ur life. U r getting more mature, even ther's still childish, kep it like that k.. be urself, n enjoying each seconds in ur life.. all da best wuut u wish for.. Dnt ever scared to start a reltionship.. u r damn preety nw, trust me.. pa alwaz there 4 u. All da best in ur study dear. Take care..

My preety gurl here, alwaz have a great shoes for me to eat..hehe.. Even we r not to close, you still a special person in my life.. Dnt ever regret wut you have done in past. I knw u such a strong gurlz than the others. U knw hw 2 deal in things ur life, so manage ur life properly. Keep smiling dear, u hv a such a wonderful smile. You may melt all of guys out there..hehe .Your smiles speak thousand words. Keep in touch k. Take a look the others gurl k.. u more mature than the others. gud luck in ur studies, n hope 4 da beter future..

mY litle gurl here, u have a strong heart gurl.. Even u look small, u have a big heart. Dont let anybody underestimate u by looking 2 ur size. U dnt need guys to survive.
Dnt let 1guys ruin ur heart. There's thousand guys out there more better than wut ur wish for now.. Trust me.. There's a lot things we need to deal other than searchng 4 love.. rite?? Keep in touch k..Best of luck in ur studies also ur future..Thanks 4 being nice wif me lanna.

keng scandal..bro, u wanna know wut, all guys that i have met, u r da most kind n nice guys.
There's few guys like u out there.. u dont smke, even u still hangin out wif othr guys and u suprise me when u said that u dnt knw hw 2 play cards..hehe.. Neway be urself bro.. tk a look for my lil daughtr, keng.ok?? hehehe.. al da best in ur studies and also in ur future life.
U will being a sucessful person, someday.
trust me..

5 of them was da most important persons in my life other than my family.
All of u big enough to manage uwn life.. Just keep in touch each other k.. I love 5 of u wif all my heart.. If any bad things happen to me, i'm not worried for 5 of u. U all knw how to live and stand by ur own feet..
I wish all da best for 5 of u in life k..
I LoVe you all daMn very Much..