Isnin, 20 Julai 2009

my Bff

To KaMu semua, belajar rAjin2 ye... Aku akn Ingat korunk sampai bile2...
Byk ak blaja tntg khidupan bile bersama korunk..
pahit manis, semua aku lalui.. thanks guys..
im so proud 2 be your frens.. dah sampai mase aku jalani khidupan aku sndiri.. but korunk still di hati... we will meeet again... bye

Isnin, 13 Julai 2009

Senior Skip Day..

Wah, title dah mcm movie.. act dis hangout was special. bcoz, that day was hangout of bunchs repeaters which is, shafiq(me), zam mieto, epit adha and Lan Sabah.. hahaha.. and special guest Foud from Dubai.. hahaha.. xtau mm ne leh sesat mamt sorunk ne.. hehehe..

1st of all bwk mamat dubai ni g potong rambut, n then kami bgerak la ke nearest town which i batu pahat. Hahaha.. The Location is Square One.. just simple activities, play arcade, karoke n dinner at mcd.. hahaha.. Layan gakla.. after dat hantar Foud ni blek, me, lan n epit go to snooker.. yeah... play about 3frame.. byk hbs duit,, esp dorunk hehehe..

Neway it is such a wonderful tyme with repeaters click.. hahaha... nice....

Rabu, 8 Julai 2009

1st week, 1st sem, 1st year..

hahaha.. sounds like, new student.. hehe..aduhai, itulah perjalanan hidupku di uthm ni.. I must start from nil.. huhu.. Anyway, wish me al da best g.f tu... target. hehehe.. chow!! xoxox

1st week, 1st sem, 1st year..

Tribute to M.J

" They were celebrities. Motown founder Berry Gordy came. So did singer and songwriter Smokey Robinson. Diana Ross sent her wishes, as did Nelson Mandela.

They were fans -- two girls from Canada who were given their tickets by a complete stranger. A pair of men who wanted to fulfill a Mexican tradition by distributing memorial ribbons. A woman who wore a dress laden with Jackson buttons.

They cheered as his golden casket was wheeled out to a brightly lit spot below center stage. They cried as Lionel Richie sang "Jesus Is Love."

And when Gordy called him "the greatest entertainer who ever lived," they rose for a standing ovation.

The people came to say goodbye to Michael Jackson.

At Los Angeles' Staples Center on Tuesday, fans gathered by the thousands for the memorial service.

Some had received one of the 17,000 "golden tickets," the free passes given away after an online lottery for which 1.6 million people registered. "

-This article was taken from cnn news.. For me, its not to feel sad to lost the greatest pop icon in the world, but as human being death is not something we can escape from it. The lost was so tragic, but always remember the greatest moment from M.J to in this music industry. May God bless u..