Isnin, 3 Oktober 2011

Semester break is over, Time to get serious...

Whats up!! Mr. angelboy in the house. "fuuuhh" "cuti sudah habis bro.." Just like before, we begin our semester with higher expectation but, this time, I will make sure it will always stay there. No more game my man, no more playing. This time ain't no joke, do or die thing. So Reborn, good luck.
Go Reborn, go !!!

Ahad, 2 Oktober 2011

Top 5 I dream the most

Hye guys. How are you? doing great? Its been a while so just decided to post random idea that came up. So, hari ni just nak cerita mengenai lima tempat yang aku impikan dan harap aku boleh laksanakan.

First of all, the most important place, Kota Makkah. Ia ibarat sebuah negara bagi seluruh umat Islam. One day, for sure, I will go there and tunai haji and umrah. Insyaallah.

2nd is London. This common place is so famous since childhood lagi and when grew up, my favret football team, Chelsea homeside located at London. day

The third one is,Rome, Italy.. Place with so much historic memories and stories. The building structure is the most interesting part of Rome. "Love it when watching movie that happened in Rome"

Yang keompek ( keempat) niagra falls. Yeah, Air terjun yang palik masyuk. Damn.. I just can't describe it.

Last but not least is Paris, France. City of Love baby. Want to make love, just go to paris. haha. Makcik saya dah pegi sana, so nanti senang, bawak je die, dia boleh jadi tourist guide. yeay!!