Isnin, 18 Oktober 2010


yeah.. finally...

aku dah decide malas nk pkir bnda2 lpas ni.. try 2 build my own life, my own destiny, and my own dream. 2 pass life, chenta, masalah, and sort of everything,, bye2... I dah move on.. hihi..

Now, I can move on with my life, what should i do, nothng can hold me now. FRiens still be friends..
There's still alot i need to learn. I realize that Im not alone now. Just enjoying my time with people around me.

Love- mby before ni bukan yg terbaek. so just go on mby, I will find her. or maybe I've found her mby its just matter of time.. neway nice to knowing someone dats different.
Since I know dis one gurl and shes just different. Loghat pon different.. haha.. Neway, no one know wht will happen rite?

Im 21.. boleh g mengundi pasni. aku ad hak untuk bersuara.. hehe... k la..