Khamis, 28 April 2011


today, I just want to share what I have dream so far. pergh.. Act just nk kongsi lately ni, siapekah yg menjadi tatapan aku tapi hanya sekaday tatapan. check this out. I have my own reasons, why??

First, Irma Hasmie. Before this, die xbertudung, but now, she is, and she just look outstanding and sooo lovely. auw. Kecantikan itu semua anugerah Tuhan kn?? Bergantung kepada kita juga mcm ne untuk menghargai anugerah yang telah diberikan. to kak Irma, hope akan mcm ni sampai bile2. U just proved how beautiful muslimah with "tudung"

Second, Shazrina Azman @ Mizz Nina @ tunang Noh Hujan. She's one of female artist in Malaysia. Minat die sebab, tah la. haha. 1st memg la, she's super duper HOT but thats not the point. The point is, aku follow die kt twitter, and she's one of artis yang suke mengtwitt back fans die. Even sgt ramai, but die penah jugak reply one of my twitts.haha. Neway, mizz nina, hopefully, bila dah berjaya, don;t forget your fans and when you are married, prove that u also can be super good housewife. p/s noh hujan: congratulations.

Third, MADDI JANE.. this gurl is supersupersuper fantastic. Suara, die mantap giler babi. My faveret is when she sing "Price Tag".. damn. she's soooo cutre. haha. This one of hell talented girl. IDK if aku terlalu terikot or what,based on the views in the internet, just prove my theory rite, shes very very good. Hopefully kt Malaysia ade juge talent yang seperti ini. Mungkin die bakal menyayingi bieber. who's know. for sure, she's much much better singer compared with REbecca Black. Hahaha. Anyway, im looking forward to see the MJ in her singing carrier. G
ood Luck Girls.!!!
Last but not least, FL. woot woot. Be4 ni dah post pasl die, so xpyh la nk cite lebih2 lagi. Yet, she's still look gorgeous, and cute. tp mesti korunk tertanya kan kenape, aku beriye2 sgt pasal die ni, xdapela, gurls with scarf is soo much goodlike, then free hair.. no heart feeling, just based on my oppinions. anyway, just admire not as obsession.

That's all for today, Empat orang wanita yang aku suke "stalk" buat mase sekarang. To all women, just be yourself and people will notice the beauty of yourself. Just apperciate what you have, and don't showw off too much. hehehe.

~bye bye

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badat berkata...

hahaha mcm celake

Shafiq berkata...

fact.. kih3x


sangat comel irma sekarang..btw FL is my high school senior..teehee :D

My MiRa berkata...

wah wah wah..ehehe
visit here..

Missara berkata...

sweet kan irma hasmie

Shafiq berkata...

sweet sgt